Dual DC Regulated Power Supply ( Power Supplies )

Dual DC Regulated Power Supply

Typical ranges are available

Rating Model Series
24V/1A ZM2PS24-1
24V/2A ZM2PS24-2
24V/5A ZM2PS24-5
24V/10A ZM2PS24-10
24V/20A ZM2PS24-20
30V/1A ZM2PS30-1
30V/2A ZM2PS30-2
30V/5A ZM2PS30-5
30V/10A ZM2PS30-10
30V/20A ZM2PS30-20
60V/2A ZM2PS60-2
60V/10A ZM2PS60-10
60V/20A ZM2PS60-20
Rating Model Series
30V/30A ZM2PS30-30
30V/50A ZM2PS30-50
30V/100A ZM2PS30-100
60V/40A ZM2PS60-40
100V/2A ZM2PS100-2
100V/10A ZM2PS100-10
100V/25A ZM2PS100-25
150V/2A ZM2PS150-2
150V/10A ZM2PS150-10
200V/10A ZM2PS200-10
200V/100A ZM2PS200-100
1000V/5A ZM2PS1000-5
10V/1000A ZM2PS10-1000

Note : We Can Upgrade Products With Time To Give Improved Quality